Just Mimi

Mimi returned from India in 2016. Gaining her 200hr Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow teacher qualification. Mimi is a professional dancer, whose passion for yoga began in 2010 during her first visit to India, where she fell in love with the practice. Mimi says “Yoga has changed my life in the most wonderful ways, more than I ever could have imagined”

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Mimi is extremely passionate about sharing her love of Yoga & the wonderful benefits it brings. “Yoga is not only amazing for your body it’s great for calming your mind. The journey you will take in each class will continue long after you have rolled up your yoga mat” You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.

It’s so awesome for you to join me if you don’t know me already, my name is Mimi as you may have already gathered, I’m just an average happy, up and down kinda girl, doing the best I can in this lifetime for myself and all living beings.

By using the word just, I’m definitely not putting myself down, I’m just not trying to be something or someone I’m not, I’m me, and I’m proud to be Just Mimi, each and everyday learning to love me a little bit more, after all, love starts from within, its what you are, we all are love.IMG_5031

So hence, I’m Just Mimi and I’m here to share, to connect, to love, to laugh, to lift and to live.

Let’s do this together, share the love, and live for the Now.

I will share my stories, Yoga tutorials and much more and I would love to hear from you, anything please get in touch.



“Be the hero of your story”

Lots of love and bananas

Just Mimi xxx

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