pexels-photo-356079.jpegThere are thousands of Yoga apps and free online yoga tutorials available?

 I agree, there are indeed thousands of amazing Yoga tutorials to follow, I myself have uploaded many over the years. I start with the intention to get myself motivated and find some time to get on my mat JUST YOGA has listened to your needs, through focus groups, surveys, hundreds of personal messages and feedback, we have designed this JUST FOR YOU!

I don’t think I can find the time to start an online course?

This is exactly why we have created Just Yoga, from the start we will take time to guide you as to, where you can make any small changes, or adaptions just to spare a few minutes each day, we are not talking hours, we are talking 30 minutes or less per day

What if I can’t stick to the plan?

Don’t worry, every day is a new day, we understand that things happen, and change is inevitable, learning to accept day by day, being aware of how you feel along every step of the way?

I’m not flexible or fit Yoga is not for me?

Yoga is for everyone, through your daily sessions, we will introduce affirmations on acceptance and self-love, through your meditation and Yoga practice. “I love and accept myself exactly as I am without judgment or criticism of myself”